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About us

Welcome to Vinayak Research. we are thankful as you have visited our site. Vinayak Research is situated at Rajkot in Gujarat. Our aim is to forecast your sight in Indian stock market.Our goal is to provide you more and more opportunities to earn your best by our tips. We provide you services on Commodity, Forex and Comex. Our team is highly skilled with experienced analysis. Our efforts are to provide you more & more profit in every trade.

The best way to invest in stocks is by buying them before they are heavily promoted and hyped up in price. If u get into the stock at the early phase you could make a fortune. Once u know which stocks are being heavily promoted you can buy them ahead of the big profit and wait to cash in . You buy the stock at low price and wait for the price to rise so u can cash out big.

We provide our services through SMS &YAHOO MESSENGER, according to your convenience. Vinayak Research is purely created to provide technical & financial information to the people to earn from Indian stock market.

Our Mission : As Vinayak Research has a best team of Analyst, so we want that people to invest money in Shining Indian Stock Market with minimum risk. We are here to help you to grow your financial position by Short-Term investing or Trading in Indian Stock Market.

Our flexible packages is so suitable to everybody, so you can choose our packages as per your requirement.

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